Sonntag, Juni 26, 2011

Sonic Youth - The Sprawl

Schon lange nichts mehr von Sonic Youth gepostet. The Sprawl stammt von ihrem 1988er Meilensteinalbum "Daydream Nation". Leider sind zwischendurch gelegentlich kurze Aussetzer beim Ton, soll wahrscheinlich die Bootlegger vergraulen. Hier sind noch ein paar nützliche Ínfos zu Daydream Nation und The Sprawl aus der englischsprachigen Wikipedia:

"The Sprawl" was inspired by the works of science fiction writer William Gibson, who used the term to refer to a future mega-city stretching from Boston to Atlanta. The lyrics for the first verse were lifted from the novel The Stars at Noon by Denis Johnson.

Sonic Youth elected to record Daydream Nation at New York's Greene Street basement studio. The studio's engineer, Nick Sansano, was accustomed to working with hip hop artists. Sansano did not know much about Sonic Youth, but he was aware the band had an aggressive sound, so when the band checked out the studio, he showed the band members his work on Public Enemy's "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" and Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two". Although Sansano was wary about how the rock band would react, the group embraced the sound of the records. Sonic Youth booked three weeks of recording time at Greene Street's Studio A that would start in mid-July 1988. At $1000 a day, it was the most the band had paid to record an album up to that point, but among its advantages was its proximity to where members Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, and Lee Ranaldo lived.

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