Donnerstag, Januar 06, 2011

New York in den 1930ern

Heute gibt es zwei alte Filme aus New York City, die in den 1930ern aufgenommen wurden, einer in Farbe und einer im gewohnten Schwarz/Weiß.

Nummer 1:

New York City during the daylight hours of 1930 - But really what I mean is, the video is from the decade of the 30's. Not literally 1930. I think I've caused a bit of confusion with the title - This is from the late 30's going into the 40's.

Nummer 2:

This is amateur silent 16mm film taken in New York City sometime in the mid-1930s. At approximately the 1:30 mark, you will see the German dirigible "Hindenburg" flying very low over the city. You will also see very well-dressed children (by today's standards) playing football.

Ein Dankeschön geht an Michal Juroška für den Link.

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